May 2022


Update from Pastoral Search Committee:


The Pastoral Search Committee would like to hold an Early Christian Worship Service in Fellowship Hall on July 10 at 10a.m., complete with a pancake breakfast. We would like to take the sermon time and present the Core Values and Beliefs to the congregation.   After discussion, we will ask for a vote on accepting the Core Values and Beliefs.  If you cannot attend in person, you can join online via Zoom.  


There have been 29 views on the NA website, but no applications to date. So, we are still getting activity through this venue. We have reached out to some magazines for advertising specs and prices, but have had no response yet. We have also added a free posting to LinkedIn. We are preparing a packet to be taken to the NA Conference, which can be given to potential candidates.


If you have questions or concerns please contact Andrea Wynn Chatfield or Shirley Medley.