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Arbor Grove Covenant

We, the people of Arbor Grove Congregational Church,

join together:

    to covenant with God and with one another,

    to walk together in all God's ways,

    to grow in wisdom, faith, and love,

    to teach trust in God, and

    to dwell in harmony with God's universe


In the presence of God, we pledge:

    to attend the services of our church,

    to observe its sacraments,

    to cherish and teach its youth,

    to share in its work,

    to support its benevolences, and

    to strive to make it a caring body of Christians.


We pray for wisdom, strength, and God's Guidance

as we enter into this bond of faith.


Adopted at Annual Meeting

January 20, 1982


Revised at Annual Meeting

February 5, 2012

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