Arbor Grove Congregational Church
November 2020


November, another favorite month of mine. The trees are becoming bare as the colored leaves fall, the days are cooler as are the nights. There is a chill that brings on the thought of the coming winter months, that make me cherish the warm days knowing they are becoming fewer and fewer.
I look forward to Thanksgiving, and the many fond memories of the past Thanksgivings with the famil, sharing stories and the wonderful food. The many specialty dishes each family brought to every family gtheriing. Always a green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans, and home canned beets and pickles, coleslaw, and the wonderful and numerous deserts. I need to stop; I'm getting hungry as I reminisce on those wonderful meals from past gathering.
This year Thanksgiving may be different for our family and probably many families. We likely will not a have a family gathering, due to the pandemic and wanting everyone to stay safe. We will have a Thanksgiving meal, not as much food, and that's alright not as many leftovers. We will be thankful for the blessing we recieve, our family members staying safe, our health, and our joys.
This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims, those 102 courageous men, women and children that ventured to America for a new start and are a part of our Congregational Heritage. This is a special Thanksgiving as we remember them and the contribution they had on our nation. This Thanksgiving may be a little more meaningful for me knowing I had relatives that lived in Plymouth Colony.
I am grateful to my brother-in-law for the time he took to trace our family roots on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family. No members of the Mayflower, but family that arrived on the “Anne” in 1623, a relative that served in Miles Standish’s military company, and a relative from Plymouth Colony, a shoe maker by trade, that was a solder in King Philip’s War and received a grant of land for his service.
We at Arbor Grove have been taking a glimpse of many of the colorful character of our Congregational heritage. Each Sunday we take a Congregational moment with an article, provided by our National Association, telling us of their contribution to our history. I also have been providing a little trivia on the Pilgrims voyage and what their living conditions on the Mayflower, and what they encountered when they arrived in America. Our Congregational Heritage is rich with bold, adventurous, determined men and women that had the courage to take on a venture that changed their lives, and established building blocks for the future establishment of our freedom and government.
Yes, this Thanksgiving will be different than past Thanksgivings, but we will celebrate and enjoy the food, remember our heritage, and be thankful for the many blessing of family and friends in our lives.

Praying we all enjoy a Thanksgiving Day filled with joy, fond memories, and many blessings.

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