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April 2019

Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others is the title of the newest book by Barbara Brown Taylor, being released March 2019.  I preordered the book last June, so I await its delivery as I write this article.  I have read many of Barbara’s books and find them insightful, inspiring, and thought provoking.  I am so very grateful Rev. Don Mullen suggesting I read some of her books.
I have no idea what this new book contains, but the title is thought provoking.  Do we find God in the faith of others?  A few days ago I attended the memorial service for Rev. Don Mullen. I can’t help but wonder how many people found God in his faith.  We will never know how many lost souls this gentle, humble, soft-spoken disciple of Christ brought to God. 
As I continue thinking about Finding God through the faith of others, I wonder: Do others find God in my faith? This may be a good question we should each ask ourselves.  Do I reflect God’s love for everyone?  Do I see the good and potential in others?  Do I help those searching?  Do I welcome strangers, the oppressed, the homeless, the sinners in our society?  As I have these thoughts, my mind hears Don Mullen asking these questions. 
I do hope others see my faith and possibly find God from that.  It is an ongoing endeavor to present my faith to reflect God’s love to everyone I meet.  Not always an easy task -- and I see it as a never-ending part of my life.  As a Christian, I want others to find God through my faith, my behavior, my efforts, and love of my neighbor. 
What better time to begin working on that goal than during the season of Lent -- these forty days of repentance, fasting, and preparation for the celebration of the risen Christ Easter Sunday. 
I will begin by recognizing those areas where I fall short in expressing my faith and seek ways to correct them with God’s guidance.  I will spend time in a spiritual fasting focusing on cleansing my mind, body, and spirit, preparing my whole being to celebrate the risen Christ.  Through these endeavors I hope to better reflect God’s love and better reflect my faith that others may find God through me. 
As children of God we have the ability, and I believe an obligation, to reflect God’s love for all creation.  It does require a cognitive effort to be a reflection of God’s love, be accepting, tolerant, forgiving, patient with others, and listen to other’s ideas and beliefs even when they may not agree with mine.  It is through sharing my blessings with others, supporting the weak, and helping lift those who have stumbled that I reflect God’s love.  Is that Holy Envy? I don’t think so. It may only be the driving force to achieve a level of faith that allows others to see and find God.

Rev. Jerry W. Turner

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