Arbor Grove Congregational Church
August 2021

Dear Friends: Keeping one’s balance in the midst of such societal and natural upheaval is challenging. The horrific stories coming from Afghanistan, the earthquake and storms in Haiti, the flooding in the Carolinas, and hurricanes on Long Island, the fires of the West Coast and the evaporation of the Colorado River, to name a few, can make us feel everything is falling apart.
The worst of it is a feeling of helplessness, and the inability to do anything to change it. We must not fall prey to that kind of despair; for there is much we can do, especially when we work at it together. The challenge in our nation right now is we have forgotten we need to work together to have a democracy, and democracy is the best hope of the world. When our democracy is united, we have the capacity to make things better. When we have unity in the church, we have power to lift those in need.
Our Board of Missions made bold moves this week to get our mission

dollars working in the world to the most vulnerable. When you see reports from Haiti this week, you can know you did something, as $1,000 is on its way there now to provided shelter, water, and food to people who have lost what little they had. We can do this because our NACCC connection can deliver 100 percent of all we give to direct aid, delivered with accountability, to do the most good. We can make a difference in this world.
Fueling much of the unrest in the world is climate change. Environmental collapse is driving a refugee crisis worldwide. What is to be done? We need to come together around the real problem, not deny it or politicize it. The planet is warming and it is our fault. We can fix the problem; but it will take a united, worldwide will to do it. Can we? As God’s stewards of creation, we should at least try, and lend our voices to those who support saving the earth, our home. We must turn from this precipice, not only for the future’s sake, but for our own.
Impossible? No, not if we have the will and unity. Not if we work together. With this Labor Day Weekend that leads us into September and the beginning of the Church year, let this be our theme: Let us work together, be in organic unity, be rooted in a love that is hope and, if nothing else, let’s plant some trees everywhere we can. Rooted in a future for humankind, rooted in a God whos’ will for us is life abundant. Let’s work together. Amen!

~ Pastor Linda Farmer-Lewis
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