Rev. Daniel Kidder-McQuown
Arbor Grove Congregational Church
From the Pastor …
October 2017


For the month of October, we will be exploring the theme of “mission” in the Bible and in our tradition.  Our Bible readings will follow some of Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of Luke. We will take a journey around the world, explore our Native American and Pilgrim roots, see poverty through Jesus’ eyes, revisit (dis)ability, and investigate mission’s link to church growth.

One of my favorite moments in September 2017 was during Bible study.  We were studying the parable of the Good Samaritan, and had read the lawyer’s question, “Who is my neighbor?”  Shirley Medley popped in at that moment and gave us a summary of our Parkside Middle School clothing drive.  We then discussed other needs in the neighborhood and community.  It seemed like serendipity.  We never got back to the formal “Bible study,” but we did answer the lawyer’s question.

The word mission has shifted in the past fifty years.  It means something a little different from when our Congregationalist ancestors set off in boats from New Haven for all parts of the world.  At Arbor Grove today, I’ve seen terrific leadership from our Board of Missions, including Kathy Pline, Jeanette Cole, Mike Fales, Steve Gaarde, and Pat Smith.  This coming month, I invite you to see how their job is our job.  I invite you to explore with me how Jesus meant for “mission” to be something every follower does.
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