Rev. Daniel Kidder-McQuown
Arbor Grove Congregational Church
From the Pastor …
March 2018


For the month of March (Women’s History Month), we will look at what Scripture and tradition teach us about women.  Our worship themes will look at how men fit into the women’s movement, women of faith, the power of inclusive language, and the four Marys of the second testament.  As part of Lent, we will have a celebration of the Last Supper (including communion) and a commemoration of Jesus’ passion story.  I will be speaking about the famous Congregational minister, Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell at Shabbat service at Temple Beth Israel.  My hope is this month will encourage a renewed interest in women’s empowerment and how congregations can play a prophetic role.

As I’ve done in prior months, I invite you to share stories with me.  In March, I would love to hear stories about the women and girls who have personally inspired you.  Whether family or famous, real or fictional, we all have such stories.  Please feel free to stop in, call, or email me!

In the first testament, Wisdom and Understanding are given a feminine voice: “Does not Wisdom call, and does not Understanding raise Her voice?”  (Proverbs 8:1).  May we all deepen our experience of these two gifts of faith.


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